Who are you at your core?

What do you believe?

Is there something more?

The Divine Spark Centre is an online space that’s been created to educate and be a safe space for people to learn.

This is where you’re supposed to be if…

  • You’re already into spirituality and healing work.
  • You’re looking for support in your journey but you don’t need a “Guru”.
  •  You’re a bit (or a lot) of a nerd. If you love to read, study, and practice.
  • You have knowledge to share and offer the collective.
  • You want a deeper understanding into who you are.
  • You’re interested in different healing modalities.


You may not want to be in this space if:

  • You need coddling. While we’re beginner friendly this is high level information for people who are ready
  • You have no real interest in self development. (I believe in Spiritual Receipts and transformation is a must).
  • You’re offended by different belief systems and forms of worship
  • Diversity makes you uncomfortable. We’re a POC and LGBTQ friendly space.

Our Mission & Vision

The Divine Spark Centre is an online school for Mystics who want to:

1. Tap into Universal Truth
2. Heal others
3. Up-level their lives in all areas

The education given in this school is one of a kind.

Every Month Students receive:

1. Live Class
2. Live Healing
3. Live Coaching Call

If you are ready to get a quality Spiritual Education and to commune with people who understand you… then this is where you need to be!

We pull from different religions and a variety of practices. People of all backgrounds are welcome into this space as long as a love of learning, a love of truth, and a love of people reside within you.

Take look at what we teach and enroll today!



Our High Priestess

Contessa is a graduate of the Divine Spark Priestess Academy lead by High Priestess Maya Gobara. She is a modern-day High Priestess who uses her gifts as a teacher, healer and entrepreneur.

Contessa Cooper


It's not too late!

We still have a few spaces left for the September cohort.   Click below to register. We have plans available for everyone.



The experience with the school was absolutely amazing. Everything was so well organized and everyone was extremely welcoming. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.

Ashley Adams

Founder, Black Yoga Magazine