Upon completion, Priestesses will have the tools to create their own spiritual framework and understand the concepts of Mysticism, Energy Work, Shadow Work & Divination.

What will you learn: 

What is a Priestess?-  Knowing your history is important. You will be able to articulate exactly who you are as a Priestess and you will know the history of Priestesshood. 

What is a Divine Spark? – You will learn the history behind the “Divine Spark”. This lesson will enable you to create your own framework surrounding your beliefs around Divinity. 

Mysticism & Meditation – Get to the core of what you believe mysticism is and create your own consistent practice.

Mysticism & Manifestation – Put your practice into action by having it show up in your life. Learn the principles around manifestation.

Back to the Beginning – Read and process an ancient text in which other religious systems were built upon.

Back to your core – Dive deep into archetypal stories to help you revive and remember your inner Wild Woman. 

Clair Gifts – You will learn how to tap into your Clair gifts quickly and to stop second guessing. 

Mediumship– Learn how to commune with the other side carefully and accurately.

Divination– Elemental Divination is a skill every Priestess should know. You will learn and test different methods.

Spellwork–  Learn how to craft a potent spell from scratch. 

Rootworking Basics– Conjure/Rootworking/Hoodoo is an African American form of magick. You will learn it’s history and why it needs to be preserved and continuously practiced.

Rootworking Application – You will learn how to create your own formulations and how to make different magical items rooted in the Conjure tradition.

Tarot –  Divination via tarot is a gift/skill that keeps on giving. Learn to read tarot within 6 weeks or brush up on your current tarot skills. 

Divine Spark Activations – Get certified in a channeled energy work modality. Learn how to talk directly to higher selves in order to bring true transformation in your life and the lives of your clients.



$65/week for 52 weeks

Next class begins Sept 16

1 Payment


3 Payments

$1000 for 3 months

6 Payments

$500 for 6 months

12 Payments

$250 for 12 months

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What happens after I pay?

After you make your payment, you will receive your login information before class on Sept 3rd. You also have access to our Facebook Group.

Do you provide refunds?

There are no refunds. This is a 12-month commitment. 

Is this right for me?

If you have a thirst for metaphysical knowledge, want to commune with an engaged community, and are ready for growth…then yes!

I'm not a healer, is this the right space for me?

Absolutely! This space is for anyone that wants to engage in self-mastery through spirituality. 

I'm a Christian. Is this right for me?

Spirituality and Christianity (or other religions) can co-exist.  

What if I need one on one time?

There are options to work with our founder Contessa Cooper at a discounted rate. 

I still have questions…

I understand. You can always send us an email at divinespark@contessalouise.com or click on the Messenger icon at the bottom of the back. 

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